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  1. Notary Public

    image The notary public is a public officer whose main functions are to execute the different deeds within his competence, attest to the validity of signatures, authenticate the date of customary documents as well as any such legal matters that fall within his area of competence...More
  2. Advocates

    image Advocates Affairs Department handles the advocates’ enrolment applications as well as any other applications and complaints filed by or against advocates with the Advocates Admission Committee. Enrolment application must be registered under serial numbers in the respective record...More
  3. Arbitration and Reconciliation Committees

    image The Committees are responsible for the settlement of any dispute before instigating any legal action regarding the same, by arbitrating between the disputing parties, whether the subject matter was civil, commercial or relating to any personal status matters...More
  4. Experts’ Affairs

    image The Department is responsible for regulating the experts’ affairs, including the enrolment of the specialized experts in the scientific and engineering fields and other disciplines where the courts may need an expert opinion when hearing some cases of special nature...More
  5. Attestations Office

    image Provides authentication of signatures and seals on the certificates issued by the Notary Public Departments and Reconciliation Committees and other authorities at the Ministry...More
  6. Orphans

    image The Ministry has accorded due care and diligence to the funds of orphans in line with its competence and duties. To this end, the Directorate General for the Management and Investment of the Funds of Orphans and Minors was established to handle the investment of minors’ funds...More

Minister's Message


All praise be to Allah, Who has taught (the writing) by the pen, Who has taught man that which he knew not. And peace by upon the Prophet, whose revelation started with “Read!”, and who released the prisoners after the battle of “Badr” on condition that each of them should teach reading and writing to the illiterate.

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